Claps Soft Drinks

CLAPS was created in 2012 out by a passion for amazing soft drinks and service. It is a non corbonated beverages. Available on Lemon, Orange, Mango and Grapes in flavours. We believe in safe health. So, we're proud to say that we are the first group to produce the drinks in laminated sheets. Our productions are fully automatic. So, it helps the lifespan of the product. Our main concern is to deliver quality drink with no side effects in low budget. Package are convenient and easy to have with 200ml. You can feel the refreshment.
Our products are manufactured in Arcot, Tamil Nadu. Also, it's been marketing around the different parts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

While developing Claps soft drinks, Our main focus to give the best product with good health and affordable price available in 4 tasty flavours. We comethrough by packing format ensures that the product quality at a convenient and low price point. With all goodness on taste and flavour, Once you have tasted it make you feel good. The best quality of product defines the customer satisfaction.